Florida Advocates: The insurance ‘claim crusaders’

Russel Lazega

Russel Lazega

Faster than you can say, “case settled,” attorney Russel Lazega and his super team of legal insurance industry professionals at Florida Advocates are always ready to help generate positive outcomes for consumers or accident victims embroiled in battles with insurance companies.

Florida Advocates, a statewide insurance litigation boutique based in NorthMiami, Dania Beach, Orlando and Tampa, represents hundreds of medical providers and consumers, works on a contingency basis and in most instances, fees are recovered from insurance companies.

“Our attorneys understand first-hand how insurance companies think,” Lazega explains. “We’ve published several nationallydistributed books on insurance law covering auto, property and workers’ compensation; and we regularly testify before both the Florida House and Senate Insurance Committees on key insurance reform issues. We also teach insurance law seminars to other lawyers – and we’ve even trained insurance companies in the claims process.

“Florida Advocates channels all of this valuable experience into assisting anyone having an insurance problem – whether it’s workers’ comp or medical collections, homeowner claims, accident/injury cases or life/health insurance claims.”

Embellishing upon the firm’s “insurance claims to fame,” Lazega routinely writes articles in keeping with the crusade to share helpful advice, revealing industry news and information. Recent topics have included: Paying More for Less: “Automobile insurance premiums for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage are going down – but the cost for auto liability coverage is going up. Consumers now have less insurance coverage but continue to pay higher premiums. Insurers are simply moving increases to other parts of customers’ policies and pocketing the profit.”

Don’t Go It Alone: “If your insurer asks for a ‘friendly chat’ about your claim, such requests are often done to find a reason to deny your claim. You have the right to have your own lawyer present to protect your interests. Be prepared – they are.”

Never Give Up: If you hit a brick wall with your insurer, know that the most qualified insurance lawyers will handle these types of cases on a contingency (meaning you don’t pay the lawyer unless the lawyer recovers).

For more information about Florida Advocates, call 754.263.4252 or visit lazegalaw.com

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