FPL customers share their best secrets for staying “Energy Fit”

As part of Energy Awareness Month this past October, Florida Power & Light Company encouraged its customers to take control of their energy bills and share their energy efficiency tips online with other customers. FPL customers already have the lowest typical bill in the state, and Energy Awareness Month provided the opportunity to remind customers how to make bills even lower.

“Simple changes around your home can add up to make a big difference – both in terms of saving energy and money,” said FPL Vice President of Marketing and Communication Tim Fitzpatrick. “We wanted to learn from our customers what they consider to be their best kept secrets to saving energy. Hopefully others will follow their advice and take steps to also stay energy fit.”

So how do they do it? Here is a sampling of some of the most creative ideas received from customers since Oct 1. The tips have been reviewed by FPL energy experts, who have green-lighted them as some of the quickest and most effective ways to trim costs, conserve energy and gain control over energy use in homes:

• Madai Parra says thermal curtains are cool, literally and figuratively, so give them a try!

•Timothy Moore spins clothes in the washer two extra times as it cuts dryer time up to half. Also, he removes lighter clothes as they dry, preventing overheating and allowing heavier items to dry faster.

•According to Cameron Comer, keeping the hot water heater breaker off until the end of the day, when doing dishes and taking a shower, can provide additional energy savings. •Marcella Waldron dries clothes on the lowest setting and doesn’t overload the dryer.

FPL also has many tips and programs to help get energy fit and make bills even lower; join the conversation at www.facebook.com/FPLconnect. Customers can learn more and get personalized, expert advice on how to save energy and money through FPL’s recently improved Online Home Energy Survey at www.FPL.com/ energyfit.

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