FPL shares eight tips to lower your bill this holiday season

FPL shares eight tips to lower your bill this holiday seasonFestive lights, full ovens and house guests are staples of the holiday season – but all that fun can be not so jolly on the bank account. FPL is helping customers save energy and money this holiday season with Eight Tips to Save this Holiday Season.

1. LED lights are the bright choice to get more for your money. The amount of power it takes to operate one 7-watt incandescent bulb could power two 24-foot LED strings – enough for a six foot tree, they also last about 10 times longer.

2. Set timers for your holiday displays to turn off before bedtime so there is no need to burn the lights all night long.

3. Switch out guest room and common area lighting to compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs for overnight guests. Each CFL bulb you install will save about $50 in energy costs over its lifetime.

4. Remind guests to turn off lights and fans when they leave the room. Turning off one ceiling fan and one light when you leave the room can save more than $7 a month on your electric bill.

5. Ovens lose a lot of heat when opened and require significant energy to heat back up to the appropriate temperature. Instead, when you have to sneak-a-peek, turn the oven light on and look through the interior window.

6. Choose glass or ceramic pans for the oven – they heat faster than metal ones and allow you to set the temperature 25 degrees lower than a recipe suggests for the same cooking time.

7. Use smaller appliances such as crockpots, microwaves and toaster ovens when possible. They are more energy-efficient for side dishes or small meals.

8. When it comes to gifts, opt for a laptop over a desktop computer. Laptops require 50 to 80 percent less power than a desktop computer.

For more ways to save energy yearround, take an Online Home Energy Survey at www.FPL.com/OHES.

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  1. Only way I save on my FPL bill is to leave town and turn everything off.

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