Gardening: A Bridge for the ‘Generation Gap’

Gardening brings people together. The joy of gardening extends across all the stages of life, and the innate serenity and beauty of a Garden provides common ground for all generations.

We grew up in a different world, a world where we knew where our food came from and people made a living from their practical skills. Sewing clothes, building homes, and growing food was more than just a hobby or vocation, it was part and parcel to how we lived. We experienced the tremendous value of our “victory gardens” and were always grateful for the providence of our labors.

For better or worse, this technocratic modern age has disconnected the generation of our grandchildren from the reality of where their food comes from. They seem to be perpetually glued to some electronic device or computer screen and their lack of interest in the outdoors is becoming problematic for us all. They need someone older and wiser to show them the simple joy of working in the ground, working with their hands, and experiencing the fruits of their honest labor. It is a highly valuable activity for all of us. We are, of course, thrilled to be having fun and spending quality time with our loved ones, and they will be given a chance to discover the simple things in life that haven’t changed for millenniums. They will be excited and empowered to realize the joy of reaping what they sow. They will be forever grateful for the wisdom and teaching you’ll be sharing with them.

We may think it would be too difficult or overwhelming to build a garden at this stage in our lives, but that’s just not necessarily true. There are plenty of methods and techniques, some of which from even before we were children, that make gardening easier. These techniques will require less maintenance but just as much fun, activity, and company.

The common element in all of these methods is that they eliminate the requirement and even the effectiveness of tilling; which is probably the most laborious aspect of gardening. No-till gardening requires no turning of the soil and actually turns out to be better for our plants as well. By using methods of composting to create a garden bed on top of the ground, we can grow lush gardens anywhere. This also allows us to make our gardens more accessible by raising them off of the ground, where they can be tended without bending or kneeling. From raised ‘raised bed’ gardens to stacked straw bale gardens there are a wide range of techniques to make having a garden a simple joy for anyone, at any age. These techniques are as visually appealing as they are practical. They require less maintenance and are gentler on the body. Brent Knoll of Knoll Landscape design treasure his childhood memories working in the farm gardens of Nebraska alongside his parents and grandparents. He wants to help spread that joy in South Florida by providing custom organic gardening solutions to accommodate some of the physical impetuses seniors face.

Visit to see some of Brent’s no-till organic gardening techniques or call 305-496-5155 to have Brent personally create a garden for you and yours.

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  1. Indeed…we get our Family involved too. They seem to learn the value of where their food comes from and effort that goes into it. Good Read!

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