Giving Back!

By Dean Neiger….

Dean Neiger

Back in the days, if you had a good product or service to offer, you only had to open your doors and it would work. Communication and social media networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) has changed the face of how to conduct business. To have a successful B2C (business to consumer) commerce you want to be part of your surrounding communities. A community that likes you is one that will talk about you and help you grow. This is when giving back to the community as a business and business owner becomes essential in the process of being a part of society.

So what is really giving back to the community? Is it giving jobs? Donations (whether they are material or monetary)? Well giving back could be in dozens of ways. I own Dryeco, an eco-friendly dry cleaning company that services businesses and residents. And a couple years ago, a large privately owned company approached us to provide a proposal for servicing the dry cleaning for their employees. In our proposal we included that 5% of all the dry cleaning proceeds would be given back to the foundation of their choice. It has been three years now that Dryeco has been servicing that company and giving back to the foundation of their choice.

This is our involvement on a business level. But personally, I am on the board of the Young Ambassadors for the Miami Children Hospital Foundation. As a board member I help build community awareness and raise funds. Working with the foundation is such a motivational and rewarding experience. Every time I tour the hospital and see a child smile, I know that in some way I have helped him get there.

Why am I doing that? Apart of the obvious reasons, which is doing the right thing. Also as a young entrepreneur, it helps me build credibility and awareness.

There are hundreds of ways for businesses to give back. Have the associates volunteer in charitable events, sponsor events, give a percentage of revenue to an association. The possibilites are limiteless. It helps businesses and business owner build appreciation, integrity and moreover, it is about being grateful to a community that has helped you succeed.

DRYECO is located at 18660 Collins Avenue, phone: 305 933-2400 or Dean@DRYECO.COM

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