‘Going green’ takes on a new meaning in the Sunshine State

FPL- going greenSunshine is a great source of energy for homes and businesses. Florida Power & Light Company’s (FPL) solar energy centers turn Florida’s sunshine into clean electricity for its customers every sunny day. Now, the company is adding more than 1 million new solar panels, tripling the amount of clean solar energy it produces.

“We have continuously focused on advancing reliable, affordable, clean energy for our customers and are working especially hard to find ways to advance solar energy without increasing electricity costs,” said Aletha Player, FPL area manager of external affairs. “Recently, we’ve developed what we believe will be a cost-effective plan to triple the amount of solar energy we produce to serve our customers by the end of 2016.” The three new FPL solar energy centers, to be built in DeSoto, Charlotte and Manatee counties, will add more than 1 million solar panels, which is the equivalent of roughly 45,000 typical residential rooftop systems.

“As the economics of solar power improve in the years ahead, we believe we will be able to harness more and more sunshine cost-effectively, alongside essential, highefficiency, clean natural gas generation and zero-emissions nuclear power, to continue powering our customers and our growing economy with affordable clean energy,” said Player.

Since 2001, FPL’s investments to modernize its power plants and replace them with high-efficiency natural gas energy centers that use approximately one-third less fuel, has saved customers more than $7.5 billion on fuel and prevented more than 85 million tons of carbon emissions. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calculates that this amount of carbon reduction is equivalent to removing more than 16 million cars from the road annually or switching more than 2 billion incandescent lights to compact fluorescents.

FPL serves more than 4.7 million customers across nearly half of the state of Florida. Its typical 1,000-kWh residential customer bill is approximately 25 percent lower than the national average.

For more information on how FPL is advancing clean energy in Florida or to learn about a new voluntary, community-based solar partnership pilot program launching in May 2015, visit www.FPL.com/solar.

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