‘Hit or Miss-Fit’

Is your fitness or nutrition plan missing the mark when it comes to getting the results you want? If so, it may be time to reevaluate what you’re doing to make sure you’re not “miss-fitting” out on opportunities to make the most efficient use of your time and sweat equity efforts!

‘Running On Empty’
Misinformation about how much cardio you should be doing and restrictive diets could lead to a lot of frustration rather than elation about your fitness results. If you feel like you’ve been exercising until you’re exhausted and aren’t fueling your workouts with the right kinds of foods, odds are the only gains you’ll see are on the scale.

You can actually start storing body fat if you’re not consuming enough calories – and if you’re doing too much cardio and not any resistance training, there’s no way you’ll ever be able to firm up. The formula for “can’t miss’ fitness success is simple: Incorporate a balance of cardio and weight training into your routine; and eat five or six quality meals and snacks a day to keep your metabolism revving and avoid becoming so hungry you eat everything in sight – late at night!

‘Foods That Fool ‘Ya’
Don’t make the common “miss-fit” mistake of falling victim to notorious diet sabotagers! Just some examples of foods often misinterpreted as being good for you include fruit yogurts, granola, certain protein/ energy bars, flavored oatmeal, smoothies and “skinny” lattes that all have so much sugar – you might as well just eat candy and ice cream!

Beware! Just because you may be shopping at Whole Foods Market – don’t be misled into thinking all those tempting dishes in the display cases are diet friendly… Most have sauces, oils, cheeses and other high-fat and high-caloric ingredients that could potentially ruin your “whole” goal to lose weight.

‘Cut Out Cookie-Cutter Trainers’
If you have a personal trainer or are thinking about hiring one, be sure you’re not being misled by a stock workout routine given to every client. Each individual has unique physique and nutrition needs that have to be addressed with a highly personalized approach. What works for one – won’t necessarily work for another…especially when it comes to designing workout plans that are appropriate for men vs. women.

‘Less Can Be More’
Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually spend less time in the gym and start getting more compliments about how great you look?! Overtraining can often lead to making you feel depleted and defeated with even less muscle tone than you started with. If you’re starting to see too much muscularity -adopt the fitness philosophy “less is more!” For example, if your obliques are starting too look too blocky, cut out exercises with twisting motions or side bends with weights and your waist will appear narrower instead of wider.

Make No Miss-Fit Mistakes
Why miss the chance to fit into your skinny jeans or be beach body ready? Do some homework to make sure your workouts are as efficient as they should be; religiously read nutrition labels to avoid sugar shock; and use your mirror reflection for the ultimate fitness “detection” test. Based on what you see, it’s no “misconception” that you can implement new strategies to shape and sculpt your ideal body!

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