Hold on to your special Balloons

Patricia C. Frank

A balloon is a bonus in your life. It was probably given to you, the first time, when you were very young, as a reward or as something to delight you. A balloon brings joy. It is beautiful and fascinating to behold. It gives pleasure.

The first lesson you learn about a balloon is that you have to be responsible and hold on to it. If you let go, it will float away never to return to you. Frequently, a child will cry the first time they let go. They will experience some remorse and sadness. Hopefully, they make the mental connection that something beautiful and joyful needs to be appreciated and cherished.

Relationships can be like balloons. You have to hold on to them. As much as it hurts you to let go, it also hurts when someone else lets you go. It hurts to be let go of as a partner, spouse, friend or employee. It hurts when infidelity, divorce, and the loss of a job occurs. It hurts when someone moves away and lets you go. It is painful and disappointing when you move away and those left behind do not hold on to you or your relationship.

It is normal to wonder; “Why didn’t they hold on to me?” “How could they let me go out of their life so easily?” I thought I brought them joy just like the balloons. I thought I brought them something unique and special. I thought I was important to them.

It is normal to be confused and to grieve. Try to accept it even if you do not understand it. No matter what, do not blame yourself. Do not feel undesirable. Remind yourself that some things are not meant to last forever.

If you are fortunate to have many beautiful relationships and balloons in your life make an extra effort to keep them. Tie them down so they don’t get away. Anchor them in your heart.

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864.

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