Holistic Health Care Miami promotes ‘wellness in the workplace’

Maria Stellato and Adriana Perez

Have you been working behind your computer for hours, straining your back? Has meeting a tight deadline left you uptight and stressed? If increasing wellbeing and productivity is your goal, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Maria Stellato and Adriana Perez – co-founders of Holistic Health Care Miami.

Stellato and Perez, licensed in Oriental and Chinese medicine, are promoting “wellness in the workplace” by providing holistic therapies that can create a positive effect on mind and body health.

“We believe holistic healing treatments are the most natural and effective way to correct energy imbalances in the body in order to achieve maximum health,” Stellato explains.

“We can treat a variety of symptoms and disorders using non-invasive, holistic modalities including acupuncture, massage and physical therapy, Chinese herbs, homeopathy and hypnotherapy, “adds Perez. “Healing Reiki treatments, skin care and nutritional counseling are also available.”

My aching back! If muscle pain has you off your game, ask for massage or physical therapy. Cupping treatments can also be given by an acupuncturist placing cups on specific body parts to create a vacuum effect relieving muscle pain and tension.

Aachoo! If office absenteeism is on the rise, prevent illness with an acupuncture treatment to help the body activate the immune system.

Ouch! If you bumped your knee on a file cabinet, try a Moxivustion treatment with an herb called mugwort that can accelerate the healing process.

Oh no! If the power went out in the middle of your power point, experience a Reiki treatment for stress reduction and relaxation.

Yawn! If you’re having trouble sleeping and your meeting is at 7 a.m., a hypnosis session can help overcome sleep disorders, depression and phobias. Short & sweet! If you’re a busy professional, hurry to Holistic Health Care Miami’s

“Short & Sweet” cost-effective, 20 minute sessions providing fast results when you’re in a rush or on a budget.

“We empower our patients by educating them on different approaches,” Perez says. “We find that bringing people into balance is the key to preventing and treating disease.” Stellato emphasizes, “Treatment goals can be realized through education and lifestyle changes leading to better health and greater success driven by ‘wellness in the workplace.’”

For more information about Holistic Health Care of Miami located at 17150 Northeast 19th Avenue in North Miami Beach, phone: 305-949-9828 or visit holistichealthcaremiami. com

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