Hurricane Tips… Are we ready?


Hurricane experts have predicted the 2012 Hurricane Season as an active one. The office of Miami-Dade County Commissioner Sally A. Heyman wants to help you get ready for the season that lasts through November 30th. It is important that you develop your own personal disaster plan on how you will protect your household and property. Most of these things can be done well in advance of storm warnings.

Check all emergency equipment including testing your generator. Make sure everything is working properly and that you have extra oil and spark plugs available for your generator.

Keep sufficient cash on hand. ATM machines may not work following a storm.

When a storm advisory becomes a “watch” get a full tank of gas in your vehicle.

Keep a battery-operated radio and extra batteries on hand at all times. If you own a boat, make arrangements to secure it.

Reminder: For information on Miami-Dade County’s Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program available to assist residents with special needs and Pet-Friendly Hurricane Shelters, call 311. Registration is required.

Each week look for five new tips to help you create a personal hurricane plan. Should you have questions regarding these tips or any other issue in District 4, call our district office at 305- 787-5999 or email us at

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