Imagesound Americas brings customized in-store audio and visual to the U.S.

By Lynn Carroll….
Imagesound is an international company that supplies music and video to hospitality, leisure and retail sites in over 80 countries around the world. Hollywood-based Imagesound Americas is an independent distributor of in-store music, radio, video and digital signage solutions that uses Imagesound’s proprietary software, music library and customized approach.

“We give customers licensed music, video and media that is directly suited to communicate with their client base and support their brand objectives; that can range from programming the music for the ‘W’ Starwood hotels, DJing at a corporate event, supplying reliable retail messaging or designing, procuring and installing property sound-systems,” says Damian Pratt, Managing Director, Imagesound Americas.

Pratt says Imagesound Americas differs from traditional music providers in its consultancy approach and ethos – they work closely with clients to find the best mix to match the lifestyle and needs of their target customers.

“We’re very passionate about what we do and we enjoy working with clients to produce a highly customized audio-visual environment. Our technology and experience allows us to tailor very specific requirements and this gives us a very natural differentiation from generic music and media suppliers.”

“For example, a restaurant in South Beach or elite lifestyle brand will have a specific vision of the ambience that they require for each day-portion and we are able to not only provide this but also discuss how they can use music and media to enhance the environment,” he says.

“We reject the idea of providing expensive and archaic hardware – we are able to provide cost-effective software and hardware that can operate from pre-existing infrastructure. We avoid using channels or blocks of non-specific music; most of our clients have very precise requirements, so we ensure everything we supply is uniquely profiled.”

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