Introducing Diamynt™ by Myntsmile the first and only clinically proven toothpaste formulated for porcelain veneers and bonded teeth

Lisa Marie Kao

Over the course of 14 years of practice as a dental hygienist, Lisa Marie Kao saw an unmet need for her patients who sought to protect and preserve their porcelain veneers and bonded teeth. Lisa collaborated with dentists, chemists, advisors and embarked on a new business venture. She founded the company MyntSmile and has launched DIAMYNT, a clinically proven toothpaste designed to maintain the long term beauty of porcelain and bonding, while it helps fight decay on tooth enamel.

DIAMYNT helps maintain the gloss and luster of porcelain and bonding. This patent pending formula helps the surface layer from becoming lifeless and dull making teeth less susceptible to stain, tartar and plaque. Clinically proven to help slow demineralization of enamel and fight cavities, it also freshens and whitens teeth by removing surface stains. DIAMYNT will be presented at AADR Meeting and published in The Journal of Dental Research.

“Porcelain and bonding are man-made ceramics that lack the ability to remineralize the same way enamel does,” explains Ms. Kao. “Unlike enamel which remineralizes through saliva and fluoride, porcelain can dull over a period of time when surface layer is abraded and worn. This may result from abrasive toothpastes, hard brushing, acidic diets and alcohol rinses.

Patients asked me how they can better care for their costly dental work. Unable to recommend a product, I wanted to help provide the solution. I collaborated with leading industry professionals and the formula was created. We tested it at two Universities and the results were great!”

“Clinical data came back favorable and showed the formulation worked to help preserve and enhance porcelain veneers, composites and enamel,” explained Dr. Franklin Garcia-Godoy, lead investigator of DIAMYNT. “This data translates to good news considering the amount of money spent on composites and/or veneers.” DIAMYNT is available at select dental offices. Contact, 1-855-Mynt- Smile (1-855-696-8764) or

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