‘Live longer, live better’

Dr. David Muransky

Successful young professionals are often married to the jobs; many husband and wives juggle work deadlines with kids’ bedtimes; and even active seniors busy babysitting, volunteering or just having fun, rarely devote enough time to the one goal shared by people of all ages: Attaining and maintaining optimal personal health and wellbeing.

At Aventura Chiropractic Care Center, Dr. David Muransky, who has taken postgraduate courses in radiology, orthopedics, non-surgical scoliosis correction, and is certified in disability and impairment evaluations, helps patients understand, “Since the nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the human body, chiropractic techniques are often best for treating pain or preventing deterioration of bones, muscles, nerves, joints and discs facilitating mobility, agility, flexibility and ease of performing daily activities.

“Everyone would like to be more flexible as they age, have better circulation and muscle tone, more energy and greater odds of living longer and living better. As opposed to widely publicized medications, chiropractic care has no side effects and should be considered initially for many common neuromusculoskeletal (nerve, muscle, bone) conditions.”

Dr. Muransky also routinely treats headaches and migraines; neck, shoulder and arm pain; arthritis and bursitis; tendonitis and tennis elbow; athletic, work and auto related injuries; numbness and tingling; asthma and allergies; frequent colds; stress, fatigue and many other ailments.

When it comes to protecting health, our most precious asset, Dr. Muransky emphasizes this anatomical analogy: “Everyone with teeth needs a dentist – everyone with a spine needs a chiropractor!” And since Aventura Chirorpactic Center understands time is also a precious asset, same day appointments can usually be scheduled.

For more information, phone 305-937- 3700, visit www.muranskychiropractic.com or the office conveniently located in the Promenade Shoppes, 20475 Biscayne Boulevard, #G6. Aventura Chiropractic Care Center is now offering no obligation spinal exams as well as consultations with Dr. David Muransky and patients providing rave review “live longer, live better” testimonials.

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