M.A.D. Mobile Assistant Direct helps with computer problems

Aventura Marketing Council Executive Assistant Jessica Bert works one-on-one with Madelyn Fradkin, Owner/President, M.A.D. / Mobile Assistant Direct

“Get M.A.D. and get even” with your pesky computer problems and frustrations with designing the ‘right’ Excel spreadsheet for your upcoming work or home project. M.A.D., the acronym for Mobile Assistant Direct, a new start-up business owned and operated by Madelyn Fradkin of Aventura, is an off-site business assistance service offering any secretarial services that you may need. M.A.D. works on an hourly basis without having to pay a full-time employee (imagine the savings in benefits alone). You’d have to wonder if Madelyn’s “gone mad” or if it might be her abbreviated nickname… but whatever the case, there’s no one better to solve your document dilemma or teach you how to do it yourself.
Here’s how it works: You know you have been operating inefficiently and you’ve decided you want to save time and save money. Call Madelyn, make an appointment, she comes to you, gains an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish and teaches you, on your computer, step-bystep, every step you need to know in order to do the job better and faster. And, if you don’t get it the first time, she’ll go over it, again and again until you are comfortable. Best part is, if you forget a step or need more help, she’s just a phone call away and always answers the phone herself without an ounce of stress in her voice!

Most recently, the Aventura Marketing Council had a computer glitch with an outdated mail-merge system. One call to M.A.D. Madelyn, “I’ll be there in 30 minutes,” and she was! Now AMC Executive Assistant Jessica Bert is hooked. “Madelyn was absolutely terrific,” said Jessica. “I knew there was a better way to organize these lists I had been compiling and when I explained to Madelyn exactly what I was trying to accomplish, she not only showed me how to accomplish that task, but showed me an even better way to do what I was trying to accomplish – and it was fun working with her.”

For information, call Madelyn Fradkin, Mobile Assistant Direct, at 786-489-4916.

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