National Disaster Solutions (NDS) acquires Elite Restorations

National Disaster Solutions, Inc. (NDS) has announced they are acquiring Elite Restoration, Inc. in South Florida, making NDS one of the largest property restoration companies in South Florida and the United States.

NDS is a licensed general contractor specializing in emergency reconstruction and restoration of properties damaged by water, fire, hurricanes, earthquakes and other destructive forces.

They employ and manage an extensive team of experts with vast experience in the cleanup and reconstruction process, including almost every type of structure from residential homes to commercial and industrial buildings, as well as high rise and retail shopping centers.

The purchase of Elite Restoration, will allow NDS to expand its services to more home and business owners, giving customers peace of mind, that their properties will be restored by a company that possesses financial strength and resources.

Whether it’s a category 5 hurricane, faulty wiring or leaky pipes, NDS has the knowledge and specialized equipment to fully restore a property no matter the magnitude of the disaster.

The company has not only provided over 15 years’ experience in disaster relief to the state of Florida, but its scope of projects have also included: New Orleans, LA, providing extensive cleanup and restoration to properties damaged by Hurricane Katrina; 2001 California Wild Fires, providing logistical support and reconstruction to over 1 million square feet of properties damaged by smoke and fire; State of Louisiana, completing over $75 Million of property restoration to the State of Louisiana government offices and educational institutions during Hurricane Ike and Gustav; and Bahamas/Nassau Island, providing water extraction and restoration of resort and hotel properties after Hurricane Opal.

Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information, call 877- 348-3473 or visit

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