Neufeld Kleinberg & Pinkiert gain justice on behalf of the injured

By Lynn Carroll….

Alan Neufeld

When accidents result in serious injury, you need a smart legal team on your side. You need Neufeld Kleinberg & Pinkiert, a small personal injury law firm with a big reputation for getting justice for its clients — especially when it comes to establishing liability.

“We recently had a rollover case on Alligator Alley,” says Partner Alan Neufeld. A car carrying a mother and her two small children was hit by a truck, he said—but his client’s claim that the truck crossed over into her lane was contested.

“We were able to give scientific evidence that the truck was at fault,” Neufeld said, “successfully negotiating a settlement with the insurance company in excess of $1 million just before the case was to go to trial.”

In another case, a senior citizen living in a retirement home was injured when the driver of the home’s shuttle bus ran over her during a shopping trip.

“She got off and started crossing in front of the driver,” Neufeld said. “It was drizzling out, and he didn’t see her. She wound up with a very serious injury to her arm, which was eventually amputated.”

While the bus company’s lawyer argued that the elderly woman was at fault, he said, “we argued that a bus driver dealing with the elderly should reasonably have anticipated the circumstances, and checked his mirrors. We settled that case for $1 million.”

The three-man team of Neufeld Kleinberg & Pinkiert leaves no stone unturned in seeking justice for clients. “We may not be the biggest guys on the block,” Neufeld said, “but when we take a case on, we really sink our teeth into it. We never give up.”

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