New law permits veterans designation on Florida driver’s license

Gov. Rick Scott signed House Bill 1165 to recognize and honor Florida veterans who honorably served their nation, by adding a veteran designation to their driver license or identification card, for those who live in the Sunshine State.

“The new feature gives veterans an easy way to show proof of their veteran status, which is not always an easy task,” said Carroll. “We hope that retailers and restaurants offering discounts to military veterans will accept the license with the ‘V’ on it as proof.”

At a news conference, hosted by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles at its headquarters in Tallahassee, Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll said the new feature on the driver license is just one way the state can show appreciation to military veterans.

“The Department is honored to provide this service to our military veterans as a way to show our gratitude for their service to our nation,” Jones added.

To add the “V” to a license or ID card, veterans can visit any Florida driver license office, to include those operated by county tax collectors.

They should plan to: present their DD- 214, which shows their honorable discharge from active duty and pay a onetime $1 fee, in addition to the replacement or renewal fee. For information, visit

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13 Comments on "New law permits veterans designation on Florida driver’s license"

  1. An additional dollar?

  2. The "V" should have been spelled out to read "Veteran"

    • Johnny Martinez | May 22, 2013 at 2:16 pm | Reply

      I am 100% with you. Other states has done so.I am a Vietnam veteran.

    • I agree. There is plenty of room to spell out VETERAN. "v" could stand for many things. Why not clearly state it instead of making this designation cryptic?
      Art Samuels

  3. My daughter served in the military for a short time but because of an old injury to her knew she was unable to stay in. The VA gave her an "uncategorized" discharge. She is proud of the time she served and would like it to be on her drivers license but without the "honorable" discharge notation Florida will not do it! I don't feel that this is fair. If it were a dishonorable status I agree, but this had to do with a medical problem that she could not help!

    • A service member who is discharged for medical reasons incurred in the line of duty and who otherwise served honorably receives a general discharge under honorable conditions and is entitled to full VA benefits.

      An Honorable Discharge means that the service member fulfilled all the obligations of their enlistment contract and conducted him/herself in a manner that did not violate the UCMJ.

      A service member who does not fulfill their enlistment contract for whatever reason receives a General Discharge. It is analogous to being laid off or terminated from a civilian job. GD's can be under honorable or less than honorable conditions. Veterans receiving GD's may receive full VA benefits, limited benefits, or in extreme cases, no benefits, depending on the reason the service terminated their enlistment contract.

      For those who have serious discipline or criminal problems separations from service are in the form of Bad Conduct or Dishonorable Discharges. They receive no veterans benefits.

  4. The VA doesn't give discharges, the individual branches do.


  6. Yes it should spell out Veteran like other States do.

  7. Lowes accepted the ‘V’ and gave a 10% discount. Very much appreciated.

    • You are lucky if you received any kind od discount from Lowe’s. I have spent hundreds of dollars in the Ocala, Fla. store and they would not accept the driver’s license with the V on it. I don’t know how you did but I’m glad to hear it.

  8. I got a general under honorable condition discharge 24 years ago. Can I get the veteran designation on my driver’s license with that type of discharge?

  9. I just show my VA card to receive discounts.
    Vietnam Vet with 100% Disability and Compensation. But I agree ‘VETERAN’ should have been spelled completely and not just a ‘V’.

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