Obio Media: the ‘obvious choice’ for promoting success

It’s all over the news…Obvio Media agency is renowned for implementing results- oriented media strategies and facilitating mutually beneficial, international connections for clients throughout Latin America. And now, close to home in Aventura, Obvio Director Alejandra Depalma is welcoming area business enterprises to discover why Obvio is “the obvious choice” for promoting global success.

Currently representing famous name business and lifestyle publications distributed in South America and South Florida including Editorial Perfil Argentina, Caras, Fortuna, Noticias, Perfil and Luz, Obvio is excited about forging new growth-oriented partnerships that can benefit all types of businesses seeking to capitalize on broadening international opportunities.

For professionals seeking to develop or grow international clientele, establish relationships with international partners or enter into joint ventures, Obvio’s multi-cultural contacts, resources and insights are invaluable assets. Years of experience and expertise in the communications industry also enable Obvio to offer many integrated services, including virtually all aspects of promotion, with the potential for local and Latin reach.

“Our plan is to connect Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Miami – all of these markets simultaneously – for one price,” Depalma said. “We specialize in media partner events; and supporting our clients’ goals to reach their markets and heighten exposure in as many editorials as possible.”

What also obviously sets Obvio apart is the ability to help clients positively distinguish themselves and heighten public perception. Obvio’s focus on “brand building” encompasses researching the most effective ways to reach and influence target audiences; and broadcasting impactful, memorable messages.

“The foundation for effective brand building really begins with gaining insight into what consumers are looking for, understanding their cultural demographics and determining how you’re going to stand out from the competitive crowd to satisfy their needs,” Depalma says.

“Obvio understands that truly successful, comprehensive media plans involve consistently communicating a corporate culture; achieving product differentiation; and engaging with the target market to forge longlasting, emotional connections and relationships.”

Are you making headlines? If not, it’s time to discover why Obvio Media is the “obvious choice” for promoting success locally – and globally. For more information, phone: 305-733-1313 or email

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