On Top of the World

It’s good to have friends in ‘high places.’ One perk of being an avid traveler is my network of friends stretches far and wide. Most of those friends also love exotic adventure.

Like my dear friend Phil Henderson. We rafted Utah’s Green River during my 2010 Highway to a Husband road trip. Phil’s passion for the outdoors has taken him all over the world over.

Phil was part of The North- Face 2012 expedition, alongside climbing great Conrad Anker, ascending Mount Everest! What sets Phil apart even more is that he is one of still a proportionately small number of African Americans participating in elite mountain climbing. You could call him a pioneer.

Phil tackled Mt. Everest with gusto. He told me afterwards, “I knew what to expect. I was excited, but I knew it would be two and a half months. The mountain is talking to you. There are avalanches every day; ice falls every day and it’s scary. You know that you’re going to a place that people die; they don’t come home, and you’re putting yourself at the hands of those risks and there’s nothing you can do about it. You are there.” Phil ascended to 24,500 feet!

Phil’s expertise as a lead outdoor instructor for NOLS; The National Outdoor Leadership School in Wyoming is now being tapped by the next generation of African American mountain climbers. NOLS is sponsoring a legacy-making event this June: EXPEDITION DENALI -the first ALL AFRICAN AMERICAN CLIMBING TEAM to ascend Alaska’s Mount Denali.

I recently traveled to Wyoming to meet with Phil and the enthusiastic team of young climbers to begin a film project to document history in the making. Yes, I LOVE having friends in ‘high places.’

To learn more about EXPEDITION DENALI and how you can get involved in this historic event, contact JuliaYarbough at info@juliayarboughmediagroup.com.

A multiple Emmy Award winning Anchor and Reporter, Julia Yarbough is a national blogger, motivational speaker, emcee/hostess, entrepreneur, travel writer and health & fitness enthusiast. Follow Julia’s realityblog at www.highwaytoahusband.com. To have Julia appear at your next event, contact info@juliayarboughmediagroup.com.

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