‘Protect and defend’ with martial arts expert Yoni Dahan

‘Protect and defend’ with martial arts expert Yoni Dahan

Yoni Dahan

Even with all the security gates in Aventura, acquiring self-defense skills can be especially reassuring. Now, thanks to Yoni Dahan, aMaster in Sport Education and Self Defense as well as an expert civilian police instructor, people of all ages are learning how to “protect and defend” with the added bonus of improving their overall fitness level.

Dahan is now offering group and private classes for adults and children at Moti Horenstein’s Hisardut Krav Maga (MHKA) in North Miami Beach, where students learn the reality-based Israeli self-defense system developed by world champion and nine degree black belt Hanshi Moti Horenstein.

Dahan’s long list of accomplishments includes receiving the titles of International Ambassador and International Instructor of the Year 2012 and 2013 bestowed by the World Head of Family Sokeship Council Hall of Fame, the most elite and prestigious grandmasters council in the world.

After beginning his martial arts training in Europe when he was just 10-years-old, Dahan went on to develop a strong base in traditional martial arts, and then focused on learning Hisardut Krav Maga. Today, he is the international representative for the organization, spreading Hisardut Krav Maga throughout the world. He has also created a Krav Maga DVD available on Amazon.com this fall 2013.

When he’s not in the dojo, Dahan can often be found sharing his knowledge and tactical knife skills with state and local law enforcement agencies or welcoming new members at MHKA – linking the world’s most effective martial arts styles together with the energy of the mind, body, and spirit leading to personal development and wellbeing.

Dahan explains, “The MHKA teaching method focuses on practical techniques that work in real life and help ensure our students’ safety.”

MHKA has been ranked “among the top martial arts academies in the nation” by Nicholas Cokinos, President of Educational Funding Company; and the academy’s competitors are regarded as some of the best full contact fighters in the world. For more information, phone: 305-935-1855 or visit www.mhka.com.

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