Reaching Your Breaking Point

Patricia Frank

When enough pressure is applied to something it will break apart and crash into little pieces. When something breaks it becomes inoperable and unable to function.

When enough pressure is applied to a human being they will collapse and burst into and then dissolve into tears when they have reached their breaking point. Their life comes to a stop. They are unable to function, move or move forward literally and figuratively. They psyche feels extremely weary and completely exhausted. A breakdown is considered a temporary loss of mental health sometimes described as a nervous breakdown. When it happens to you it feels like you are disintegrating.

In addition to everything else, you could have a subtle concern or subconscious dread about what will happen to you if you do reach your breaking point especially if it happens in front of others. On top of the issues involved you might have feelings of shame and embarrassment. Relax; you may never reach your breaking point. Everyone has one but not everyone reaches it.

How can you prevent a break down? This is difficult, because, sometimes, you do not see it coming. You have been on the edge before and always manage to keep going. It is not uncommon to reach what you think is your breaking point and still go on. Sometimes you think that you are actually doing better when your breaking point occurs.

How can you recover from it if it happens? Don’t try to stop it. Go with it. Release all of the emotions that are washing over you. Listen to your thoughts and listen to what you are saying out loud. Shut down all of your other systems. Locate the pressure and the cause. Review your options for recovery. You must change something even if it is only how you will think and feel and act going forward. Make a resolution that you will never, ever be in this position again. Talk to someone if you can.

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864.

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