Ripple Ripple Ripple

By Patricia C. Frank….

Patricia C. Frank

A ripple is a ruffling of the water’s surface that spreads out in all directions. This ruffle disturbs the smoothness and tranquility that exists in that moment. The ripple wave undulates and stirs up not only the surface but beneath the surface as well.

Human beings are just as vulnerable to ripples as any body of water. Your life and your spirit can be affected by ripples. Every day, you are just going about living your life. When out of nowhere, comes a ripple-maker. A rock or a stone or even a pebble may hit you. That one action can create a disturbance and create far-reaching changes in your life. It can shake you up and unnerve you.

Ripples are things that you cannot control in life. Things like death, disease and aging are major ripples. The size and weight of the issue or the object determines how deep it goes and how much it will discombobulate you and your life. It can be startling to see how far the ripples reach and how much they spread into every nook and cranny, touching everything and changing everything.

Things do not always go smoothly or remain smooth in life. You cannot protect yourself from unexpected events. Because this is a truism, you need to learn how to cope with change and learn how to accept the unacceptable. Once something happens you may feel agitated, bothered or flustered. You may feel hurt, sad or angry. You may even feel like crying. You may feel disappointed that no one prevented it from happening to you, not God, the Universe, Life or family and friends. Since, you cannot change what happened, the best and healthiest reaction is to accept it. Complaining will not change a thing.

Some ripples can be nice, innocuous and even wonderful. Some rocks and pebbles, tossed at you, can be blessings and create positive ripples. Think about the ripples you may create before you toss anything at someone else.

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864, 212-308-0309.

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