Romance, Fantasy and The Wild West Frontier

There are many days when I am convinced there is something seriously “not quite right” with me. I freely admit, I’m an odd bird.

But during a recent journey to Montana, I crossed paths with a woman who reminded me that sometimes, you have to break the norm. Step outside the box. Follow your gut.

I recently traveled to Bozeman, Montana to finish a video project with The HabiHut. Day one was spent fishing on a beautiful lake near the tiny, TINY town of White Sulphur Springs. Pulling through the “miss-it-in-the-blink-ofany- eye” town, my hosts declared, “There’s a really cool woman you should meet. She owns a clothing shop here in town.”

I wasn’t quite sure why they thought I should meet her, but what the heck. We pulled up to her storefront – a building that was formerly a saddle repair shop. A few minutes chatting with Sarah Calhoun and I quickly understood why my hosts felt an introduction was appropriate.

Sarah owns RED ANTS PANTS, a specialty clothing shop designing women’s work pants. Many ladies out West aren’t spending a lot of time being foo-foo gals! Oh no, they are working right alongside the ‘menfolk’ on farms and ranches. Tired of never finding pants that fit correctly Sarah decided to do something about it. She started making her own!

In 2005, Sarah moved to Bozeman. A year later, she went deeper into rural Western living and says she just knew it was time to make pants that offered a solution for working women.

The more I talked to Sarah the more she inspired me. See, the name RED ANTS PANTS came about after researching a species of Red Ants in which the females do the majority of the work; while the males do… well… ah… not much!

Good news for Sarah: RED ANTS PANTS is doing well and Sarah has also found romance in her small, one-horse town – she’s dating a rancher which she says is exciting. He wears a cowboy hat. It gives me hope that marching to the beat of your own drum, no matter how off-beat that drum-beat might be, is the way to go. Thanks, Sarah, for reminding me that I’m not crazy… just still trying to find the right drum (and, guy…)

A multiple Emmy Award winning Anchor and Reporter, Julia Yarbough is a national blogger, motivational speaker, hostess, travel addict and health & fitness enthusiast. To follow Julia’s quirky new reality of life as she continues to navigate the sometimes rocky road of relationships, check out Julia can be reached at for press and booking inquiries.

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