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By Lynn Carroll….
We live in a digital world, says Scott Shabot, principal of SAS Digital –– and that means businesses need to use every available digital program to find their customers.

“There are no more Yellow Pages,” he says. “More than 70% of people worldwide go online and search with Google when they need an answer”.

Business owners who pay no heed to this or fail to maximize their digital presence are going to get left behind. SAS Digital can help you get Google to work for you.

Search Engine Optimization is a service SAS Digital offers. SEO is the process that enables websites to show up high on the list, when potential customers enter key search words. Scott says there are many more options.

“We can optimize,” he says, “but because that requires a long-term commitment, other approaches may make more sense initially.”

One alternative, he says, is Google key word advertising –– something that will attract prospects, and then send them to a specially designed landing page. “A landing page will increase the number of conversions / sales and dramatically improve the program’s ROI. It is easy to generate clicks, the key is to acquire new customers.”

SAS, he says, does a lot with social media, too, making full use of very active networks such as Facebook, Twitter, foursquare and LinkedIn. Scott stated, “there are great opportunities available through Facebook advertising.”

“People can search from these sites as well,” Shabot says, “though most people don’t yet realize it.”

And what about the more than 20 million I-phone / iPad users and the millions of consumers buying Androids like hotcakes? SAS Digital builds world class mobile sites providing a superior user experience from any smart phone.”

“Most websites look horrible on these tiny little screens,” Shabot says. “We build mobile sites that are attractive and generate sales / conversions.”

The point at SAS Digital, Shabot says, is to explore all the different interactive avenues to attract customers, which is one reason you don’t want a technical person designing your website.

“You want a marketing person!” says Shabot, who holds a master’s degree in marketing from New York University and has worked for AT&T, Revlon, Grey Advertising and Equifax.

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