Slim and Scrumptious features ‘delicious, healthy meals’

By Bari Auerbach
On a recent episode of Inside Edition, a woman who looked great in her bikini was eating macaroni and cheese and drinking a chocolate milkshake…so how does she stay so slim while eating such scrumptious treats? Just ask nutritionist Joy Bauer, author of the cookbook Slim and Scrumptious featuring more than 75 delicious, healthy meals she promises families will love.

According to Bauer,”You can absolutely eat rich, decadent, delicious over the top food and still be in the best shape of your life.”

Appearing on Inside Edition, Andrea Dinowitz says she lost 40 pounds in three months by following the rich recipes in Slim and Scrumptious.

“I love all these recipes and I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself,” Dinowitz said. “Every time I prepare a meal I feel like I’m splurging.” One of her favorite meals is macaroni and cheese. She cuts calories from this usually fattening dish by using whole wheat macaroni, reduced fat cheese, and skim milk.

“For a cup and a half of traditional macaroni and cheese it’ll cost you about 850 calories and more than 40 grams of fat,” Bauer explains. “In my version, it’s only 420 calories and 75 percent less fat.”

Bauer also says you can even indulge in “decadent” desserts without sabotaging your diet. Her version of a chocolate milkshake is made with fat free evaporated milk and reduced fat whipped cream – adding up to only 150 calories.

Bauer’s “scrumptious” cookies also have a secret ingredient.

“I trim an enormous amount of calories by using natural unsweetened applesauce,” she says.

Slim and Scrumptious features recipes for every meal and every taste. Whether you want Double Chocolate Pancakes or Eggs Benedict for breakfast, Sesame Chicken Tenders or Spicy Pork Tacos with Sassy Slaw for lunch, or Spice-Rubbed Flank Steak with Chimichurri and Creamy Spinach for dinner – Bauer shows you that classic, rich food can still be made to taste great with just a fraction of the fat and calories.

She also includes fun snacks, desserts, and appetizers that will keep you satisfied all day long, such as Cinnamon Cheesecake Fondue, Frozen Hot Chocolate, and Banana Pecan Bread.

With every recipe, Bauer also helps stretch food and cooking dollars for everything from a fast and easy family meal to a relaxing and romantic dinner for two.

Joy Bauer has built one of the largest nutrition centers in the country and is the bestselling author of Your Inner Skinny, Joy’s LIFE Diet, and Joy Bauer’s Food Cures. She is the nutrition and health expert for the Today show and a contributing editor to Parade and Woman’s Day magazines.

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