South Florida Ahava Fundraising Committee kicks off ‘Mission Ahava 2011’

Mission Ahava 2011 Board of Governors: Stephanie Schmulian, Client Creation; Lee Feldman, Pop’s Corn; Kimberly Cohen, Payroll Experts; Eileen Glastein, Bnai Zion Foundation; Alessandra Stivelman, Eisinger, Brown, Lewis & Frankel (Not shown: Mike Schmerling, A Time to Travel)

A group of young professionals in South Florida recently joined forces to create a fundraising committee for the Bnai Zion Foundation. The committee plans to recruit young Jewish professionals and assist them in raising money for Ahava Village, a project they named “Mission Ahava 2011.” This team came to fruition as a result of a smaller event planned in the fall of 2009, where volunteers raised money to provide sports equipment for the children of Ahava Village.

The goal of Mission Ahava 2011 is not only to raise money to benefit the children and young adults at Ahava Village, but to actually allow the members of the committee to experience firsthand the impact of their donation. In the upcoming months, the Board of Governors will select approximately 25 young Jewish professionals from the South Florida region to join them on a trip to Israel. The committee will visit Ahava Village, meet the residents and experience a connection to their contribution – not just physically, but emotionally as well.

The Board of Governors consist of five members: Kimberly Cohen of Payroll Experts, Stephanie Schmulian of Client Creation, Inc., Lee Feldman of Pop’s Corn, Alessandra Stivelman with Eisinger, Brown, Lewis, Frankel, Chaiet & Krut, PA, and Mike Schmerling with A Time to Travel. All young professionals in South Florida, they believe in the importance of giving back to their community and assisting communities in Israel. They are eager and honored to take on this exciting task and work with such dedicated people at Bnai Zion such as Eileen Glastein, Director South East Region and Jack Grunspan, Executive Vice President.

The Board members agree that there is a huge need for young professionals to become involved with more socially responsible projects, especially those benefiting Israel. They look forward to bringing the South Florida Jewish community together to make Mission Ahava 2011 successful and life changing for all those involved.

For more information, call Kimberly Cohen at 954-534-2826; visit

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