Stay tuned for a real ‘Tasti Talk’

By David & Goldie….
I think Goldie has figured out my real name is David.  [She’s been calling me Nana since she could speak… maybe because I keep a tissue in my sleeve to wipe her runny nose.]  Now, when I leave “Goldie’s house” to go to “Nana’s house,” she says “bye David.” Could Uncle David be far behind?

Come to think of it, for a 3 year old, Goldie seems to have a lot figured out.  For example, she can “do, do buckles” on her shoes, car seat, and to the dismay of her mother, the buckle of Mommy’s Gucci bag where she dumps everything on the floor so she can get her Dora cup.

She has also mastered how to unlock AND open doors: the front door, sliding glass doors, her bedroom door, the car door…..  While we all applaud her dexterity, we also reminisce about the days when she was content just staring at light bulbs. And like any budding young diva, she’s also figured out that staying healthy and fit is essential to her overall well-being.  That’s why she’s thrilled her uncle is opening a Tasti D-Lite in Sunny Isles Beach this May.  She loves Tasti because it has just 70 calories per serving, is made from real dairy and natural ingredients, has a creamy delicious taste and she can get more than 100 flavors every day.  Plus Tasti is kosher and has lactase to aid in the digestion of dairy…which is helpful at any age!

With a name like Goldie, she tends to channel the wisdom of aunts and great aunts, grandmothers and great grandmothers alike.  And with that she has figured out a few things too!

For example, Goldie intuitively knows when someone needs a little extra love.  Whether it’s a friend on the playground who is sitting all alone, one of her older neighbors who has sadly become “newly single,” or her uncle Nana who has just had an exhausting day, Goldie shows up with a smile and hug that melts every problem away.

Finally, and unbelievably for a 3 year old, Goldie knows when silence is…well….golden.  Goldie seems to know when to leave well enough alone…when Mommy has had enough…

And me, well I’m just figuring out….
For more Tasti Talk, live and in person, please come visit us. And tell them, “Goldie sent you!”

Tasti D-Lite is located at 17100 Collins Ave. in Sunny Isles Beach (next to Starbucks).  305-944-4200.

Watch out for the opening of Tasti D-Lite this May.

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