#Streaming ForParis Online Concert: Artists across America Ban together for charity

After the horrific events in Paris on November 13, 2015 that resulted in the tragic deaths of Long Beach State Design Student Nohemi Gonzalez, Nick Alexander who worked closely with American Band Eagles of Death Metal, and many others; Lauren D’Imperio, a recent college graduate and musician, wanted to do something that endures the memories of both Nohemi and Nick. “I’m 23, and I’m a musician. It could have been me, it could have been my brother. This really hit home for us” says D’Imperio, who was truly touched by the stories of the victims, particularly Nohemi Gonzalez and Nick Alexander. CBM Records President and Founder Kimberly James also states “As I sat and watched everything transpire with one of my bands in town and staying at my house while recording, a veteran of all things, I was completely crushed, scared and horrified. I looked at my artist Hank Barbe of Three Beards and said, ‘ My God Hank, this scares me to death every day for you.’ We cannot let them take control of and strike fear into our music scene. Music unites and fights the tides of war. It has from the beginning of time.”

“Eric Feinberg Advisor to “ProtectOur- Futures says the streaming platforms offers a new opportunity for all artists to “Play it Forward for Charity “.

Lauren D’Imperio of #ProtectOurFutures reached out to colleague Kimberly James, owner and CEO of CBM Records, who has a professional relationship with Streaming For Charity. Streaming For Charity allows charities, events and celebrities to stream and donate money to a charity of their choice. Lauren and Kimberly approached Streaming for Charity, and the #Streaming- ForParis concert was born.

#StreamingForParis will take place on December 30, 2015. This concert will include musicians from all across the East Coast of the U.S: Independent Artist and founder of #ProtectOurFutures Lauren D, CBM Records artists Spaceship Days, Three Beards, My Rebel Episode, Winter Circle and friends of CBM Records Avenue of the Giants, the band of Fazal Syed formerly of Rehab.

Music lovers and anyone who wishes to support the cause can gain access to the concert with a $5 donation, via text or mobile link. (Text SFC to 234-244-7283) The Organizers, Sponsors, and Musicians hope to raise at least $55,000.

CBM Records’ bands of every genre will also be stepping into the studio to record the Eagles of Death Metal’s song “ I Love You All The Time”, and releasing it, as asked by the band, and all proceeds will go towards a fund set up in Nick Alexander’s name. The bands have also set aside one each of their own songs, to go onto a compilation CD, in which the label is asking for images of the faces of fans of music across the globe for the cover (email to info@cbmrecordsllc.com). Royalties will also go into the funds for a year along with the label and distributors’ portions. They have also teamed up with METAL – The Tour, an already set up live tour, featuring a host of stars including Lita Ford, Kip Winger and more, to hold a live concert in California to honor both victims with proceeds benefiting their individual funds.

#ProtectOurFutures: Artists for the Greater Good launched at the end of July, and is focusing on promoting artists’ rights, raising awareness on important issues such as internet safety and internet piracy, and raising social consciousness by paying it forward to local charities. This will be the first of many

#ProtectOurFutures streams for charity, as their mission is to pay it forward, especially to artists. This movement was founded by Lauren D’Imperio, singer/songwriter and co-founded by Qiana Williams. CBM Records: Based out of Georgia, is a label heavily immersed in changing the music industry, with a concentration on the artists having a large part of running the record label. The label’s artists have ownership in the label, as well as working on and making all major decisions along with the President and Founder Kimberly James and Vice President of Operations Steve Owens.

CBM Records concentrates on development, artists’ fare share earnings, hiring veterans, charity, social issues as well as works to stand with artists and bands for their rights. They are currently forming a partnership of stock ownership for artists as well as fans, and are supporters of the #ProtectOur- Futures movement.

Red Devil Post: is a film company that creates commercial and narrative work ranging from nationally broadcast commercials, stadium ribbon boards and LED boards, opening credits, corporate promotions, instructional videos, workout videos, independent films, sizzle and demo reels, compositing, visual effects and graphics both still and motion, of the 2D or 3D variety. Streaming For Charity: allows charities, events and celebrities to stream and donate money to a charity of their choice. It provides a platform to showcase an event or a charity to make their causes visible for the world to see, which will maximize their brand, and will bridge the gap between events producers, celebrities and charities.

#StreamingForParis is an important cause, and all involved are proud to come together and share their support at this time of tragedy.

For more information visit, www.ProtectOurFutures. us; www.StreamingForCharity.com; www.CBMRecordsLLC.com.

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