The Chocolate Lounge/mad mac hosts educational seminar and luncheon for ACES students

Chocolate Lounge owner Pascal Cohen delivers chocolate fondue with fruits to his nephew, Benjamin Boushira and friends.

Pascal Cohen, owner of The Chocolate Lounge / mad mac, has a dream. His dream is to educate the younger generation about the importance of eating healthy… using fresh, pure ingredients.

Pascal recently started on his journey to fulfill his dream by hosting forty students from Ms. Arrastias and Ms. Clark’s 4th grade Aventura City of Excellence School (ACES) classes for an “educational luncheon.”

“Fourth graders are the ideal age to understand and absorb the information,” said Cohen, who is also CEO of FoodInvest Group, an equity holding company operating different subsidiaries in the gourmet food business market. The two main divisions feature Restaurants and Chocolate / Pastries, which are regrouped into five main brands: New York-based mad mac, a prestigious company delivering gluten-free macarons, cakes and madeleines in the U.S.; The Chocolate Lounge, a complete world of chocolate, pastries and ice cream as well as organic phyto fruit juice, salads and sandwiches; and Chocolate Emotions, producers of luxury chocolates for special occasions. The restaurant division brands are La Goulue, created in 1974, completely renovated the Foodinvest Group as the most successful brasserie in South Florida, located in the Bal Harbour Shops.

After listening, learning and tasting foods prepared by The Chocolate Lounge’s internationally recognized Chef Florian Bellanger, here’s what some of the students from Ms. Clark’s class had to say:

“I learned that food can be healthy if it has real ingredients” Benjamin Boushira

“I learned that there is a lot of fake chocolate out there, and real chocolate that is pure tastes better!” Ava Buchwald

“Real chocolate tastes better, and without cocoa it is not real” Gabriela Mohrer

“The students loved the experience! I overheard them talking about how healthy food, fruit drinks and chocolate even tastes better! They learned valuable information, while enjoying their visit to The Chocolate Lounge,” said Leslie Loewenthal, ACES Special Projects / Events Coordinator.

And as for Pascal Cohen’s dream? “I’m so happy that the children now understand how important it is to eat healthy… and yes, they can even eat healthy chocolate! I always say, “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are.’ Now people know that they can indulge in some high-quality, delicious foods and desserts… it’s happening here at The Chocolate Lounge / mad mac!”

The Chocolate Lounge, offering a unique sense of pure cocoa, recently opened at 14861 Biscayne Blvd. in North Miami, offering chocolates, truffles, premium desserts and chocolate fondue… the perfect place for family outings and private parties. Featured at The Chocolate Lounge are internationally-recognized chocolate and pastry chefs Florian Bellanger and Ludovic Augendre, creating high-quality, exclusive recipes that are not only delicious but healthy. Highquality selected ingredients and artisan process are the key words for their brand. For information, call 305-945-1665 or

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