The Cranky Cure

Being cranky is a feeling. You might not even know that you are cranky. You may just feel testy, irritable, cantankerous, snappish, ill-tempered, bad tempered or short-tempered and a bit peevish or crotchety.

What makes you cranky? Make a list of the things you feel cranky about in that very moment. Sometimes, it is a thought, a fear or an actual event. Get to know your triggers and what makes you upset and unhappy. Get to know your vulnerabilities. Learn to identify what is making you feel peevish, contentious, querulous and irascible.

Crankiness is usually born out of frustration and conflicting desires. Frustration because you cannot do something you want to do and frustration because you do not have control over the inconvenient interruptions in your life or daily routine. Things can be a definite annoyance especially when things are out of your hands and they are no longer pleasant or enjoyable.

Crankiness may be born out of rebellion because you are being forced to change, adapt, tolerate and accept less than an ideal situation.

Do not let crankiness escalate into anger because something has been taken away from you. And you feel that you will no longer be able to do what you like, or want or what you are used to, because of these outside changes to your routine or life.

The most important thing you can do is to tell others. Announce your mood. Warn your loved ones, family and friends, coworkers and boss. Let them know that it is not them, it is you. Tell them when you feel cranky.

Talk to yourself, “What is really bothering me?” “What can I do about it?” Keep it in perspective.

It is OK to accept sympathy. It can be very helpful to have others agree with you and commiserate with you. Remember that these feelings will pass eventually.

Let it go. Redirect your thoughts onto something else pleasant and unrelated. Do something fun to change your mood.

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864,

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