The Edge of the Precipice


Patricia Frank

The edge of a precipice is a dangerous place to be and a dangerous position to be in. It is the area close to a steep drop off. It is precarious, uncertain, unstable and hazardous. Who talks you down when you are on the edge of the precipice looking into the abyss? When the only way out appears to be down and out.

Who is willing and able to discuss certain situations with you and who is willing to negotiate with you without patronizing, condescending, disparaging or talking down to you? Who will not diminish your feelings, fears and concerns? Who will give you hope that better days are coming? Put their number on speed-dial.

How can you talk yourself down and get to a safer place when there is no one to do that for you. Develop a technique or several techniques in case you need them to make you feel less afraid, less angry, less upset, less desperate and more hopeful and secure.

Change your thoughts. Don’t accept that your situation has no way out. Sometimes, you don’t see any way out but it is possible that someone else can. Trust them even if they are a stranger.

Nothing lasts forever. Focus on the moment and then focus on the next moment and so on until you realize that you may cause pain to others by your actions which is not acceptable. Don’t be selfish.

Even if you cannot find anything to be hopeful about, never give up hope just on principle. Believe that you have a purpose. Have faith in the universe and in yourself and your ability to rise above the situation.

Realize that if the action that you are contemplating is about punishment, revenge or getting someone’s attention or making the other person feel badly, it is not a good plan and it might not work.

If you are at rock bottom then the only way is up.

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864,

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