The Eye of the Storm

By Patricia C. Frank….
A hurricane is a storm with violent winds, rain, thunderstorms and tornados. If it occurs in the Western ocean it is called a cyclone. One of the characteristics of these storms is the Eye. The eye is a calm region in the center of the storm. It is an area that has clear skies, light winds and no rain. The eye is surrounded by the Eye Wall which contains the most severe weather.

Many people’s lives are full of turbulence and commotion. They are surrounded by raging storms. They are caught in the furor of the whirlwinds swirling around them. They are assailed by the angry feelings or outbursts of the tempestuous people and situations in their lives.

These violent disturbances threaten an individual’s well-being and cause feelings of unrest, discord and strife. It is a confused and tortuous state. The only protection is to get out of the gale and uproar and get into the “eye of the storm.”  Every hurricane has an eye. The more intense the storm the smaller the eye but there is always an eye. The eye is a less tumultuous state. It is an intrinsic state of calmness with lower pressure. In the eye you can be free from the storm and the fierce and disruptive conditions around you.  You can be free from the disorder, agitation and intensity that accompanies such disturbances.

The eye of the storm is a quiet and safe environment. You will feel composed and self-controlled in all your moods and situations. Find the eye inside of you. If you cannot find it, create an eye inside of you.
Once you are in the eye relax. Enjoy the peace and serenity. Remain unruffled, serene and tranquil. Once you are in the eye you must remain alert and aware that the stormy forces are still around you. They are still violent and dangerous. They still pose a threat to you. Once you are in the eye of the storm do not leave.

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-48, 212-308-0309.

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