The Fog Dilemma

Just about everyone is familiar with fog. It is a condensed vapor, a thick, misty cloud suspended in the atmosphere near the earth’s surface.

Fog can be so thick that it obscures things completely. The building and objects that you look at every day cannot be seen at all. If you were to show someone exactly what and where they are, they might not believe you because they cannot see them, not even an outline is visible.

It would take a great deal of faith to believe you and to accept what you are saying is true. Many of the things we are asked to believe in life require an equal amount of faith because they cannot be seen or perceived or even understood.

There is no logical proof that they exist. It requires a leap of faith to believe in something especially when you cannot see it or perceive it with your senses. A leap of faith means that you accept something on the basis of trust not reason.

There is at least one situation when you should not be in a fog or trust what you are told. That is when you are “in love”. Someone may tell you they love you and ask you to believe they love you but they may hurt you repeatedly. They are fogging the issue and it is difficult to see the truth. It can be difficult to believe.

They might be telling you that love is there but you cannot see it or feel it. It can be bewildering and confusing. True love can never be hidden by fog.

True love is always visible. Pay attention to how they show their love. Pay attention to what they do not just to what they say. Love is dynamic. It is an action word. True love never hurts. When it comes to love, it is normal and even wise to be skeptical or have doubts. Don’t be in a fog. Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305- 788-4864,

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