The Joint Council of Aventura is looking for Board Members

Let your voice be heard! The Joint Council ofAventura is looking for enthusiastic people to join their board. The Council has the unique and important position of serving as the voice of advocacy, education and advice for condominium associations and other members within the City of Aventura.

Alone, the concerns of individual citizens and associations are easily overlooked, but together they are one force, one voice.
Under the Joint Council, theAventura associations have an incredible constituency and voting power that can ensure the citizens of Aventura are heard on important issues and their concerns actualized. The Council also provides opportunity and education for its members. Join the board and find out how you can make change, advocate for the betterment of the community and see the results of your efforts.

If you are interested in the Joint Council board of Directors, call Kary Cheda at 305- 904-1223.

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