The keys to shopping at Sarah’s Tent

Sarah’s Tent, the largest glatt kosher store in Florida is located in The Shoppes at the Waterways.

If you haven’t tasted the prepared foods at Sarah’s Tent in The Shoppes at the Waterways, I have two words for you: “Moroccan Fish.”

Well, truth be told, I could never sum up the delicious foods offered at Sarah’s Tent Kosher Gourmet Food Market in two words. I could possibly use a series of words like “fresh, pull-apart whole wheat challah” or “savory sweet and sour chicken” or “sweet, bakery-fresh Rugelach” or “scrumptious stuffed grape leaves” or “terrific Thai pasta” to describe just a few of the delicious prepared foods offered.

I’ve worked in kitchens my whole life, from my mother’s kitchen to summer camp kitchens and even the kitchen on my base in the Israeli Defense Force. I love to cook, but I must sadly admit that the only cooking I’ve done since I started shopping at Sarah’s Tent is preheat the oven. I can’t help myself and you won’t be able to either. It’s really that good.

To shop at Sarah’s Tent, there are some secrets to be shared. The place is full on Thursday night and Friday when the kitchen seems to go into hyper drive to accommodate for the Shabbat rush of shoppers. So, here’s a little check list to get you started: A wise shopper always starts the shopping experience by visiting your “amigo” at the pizza shop to order a large veggie pizza so it’s hot and ready when it’s time to check out. A wise shopper will preorder a deli or cheese platter for their next Miami Heat Playoff game or any other such event. A wise shopper will stock up to get through the week and be ready to refill the fridge on the following Thursday. A wise shopper will never neglect the bakery section, full of fresh rolls and pita. Finally, a wise shopper should flag down one of the store’s wine experts to learn about the best kosher wines on special that week.

The grocery aisles are packed with tons of your favorite kosher and Israeli foods. The refrigerators are stocked full with cheeses and sweets like Emek Edam or Milkys (a personal favorite). Since Sarah’s Tent is a complete grocery store, I was even able to find all the necessary ingredients for home made sushi, including frozen imitation crab meat, seaweed sheets and ginger. Though the store’s snack isles are full of Israeli and kosher treats like Bamba, Bissli and Pesek Zman, you will also find regular grocery store items on the shelves, such as Arizona Tea, Honest Tea and Terra chips. They even have hookah and hookah products available at the front of the store, near the checkout counters.

Sarah’s Tent is not just another place for kosher eaters; it’s a must for everyone who loves Middle Eastern food. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful and the store hours more convenient than most kosher grocery stores.

Living in a large city, we are fortunate to have many kosher restaurants and grocery stores. I’ve been to many of them, and each one has its own charm and advantages. Many come and go, but year in and year out, Sarah’s Tent consistently proves itself to be among the best of the best in kosher variety, quality and service – not just in Aventura, but in all of South Florida. If you have never been or haven’t visited in a while, I recommend putting Sarah’s Tent on your list of weekly shopping stops. If you’re a regular, then you’re probably nodding your head and smiling, because you know this is all true.

Sarah’s Tent Kosher Gourmet Food Market is located at 3565 NE 207 Street in The Shoppes at the Waterways in Aventura. The phone number is 305-933-2888. For more information, visit <www.sarahstentkoshermarket. com.>

Levi Meyer is a resident of Sunny Isles Beach and a member of the local Jewish community. He can be reached by e-mail at

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