The Story of Kspace

KSpace MiamiThe best way to summarize Kspace Miami is in one word… family.

Kspace Miami was born from the interest to connect young Jewish adults with each other in a safe and happy environment.

In 2005, Rabbi Yossi Smierc, a Bolivianborn Miami resident, was the assistant Rabbi atYoung Israel Congregation in Sunny Isles Beach. There, he saw the need for a social environment for young adults. Shortly after, an 18- year old girl and her father asked Rabbi Yossi if he would be willing to lead a group for young adults just finishing high school to meet other young Jewish adults. And so Kspace Miami was born.

Beginning with weekly classes for 4-5 young people and quickly transforming into over 40 people attending weekly events, it is now an incredible place for young adults to really embrace their roots. Since its inception, it continues to grow and evolve, and now more than 2,000 people have become part of the Kspace family.

Kspace is truly a model organization that meets the needs of its members. With weekly Shabbat dinners, events, parties, gettogethers and great lectures, their goal is to continue to provide a place for young adults from all over the world who have come to South Florida and want to feel at home.

The success of Kspace is possible because of all of the generous donations from the community. Kspace Miami’s mission is to strive to become a second home for the young Jewish community ages 18-30 and soon will open a 32-45 age group in the South Florida area. Their goal is to offer an open space to relax and have a good time while providing them with a path of enlightenment and tradition that will strengthen their own identity. The board of directors is composed of young adults and members of the community who are committed to the local youth.

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1 Comment on "The Story of Kspace"

  1. Jonathan planshki | February 28, 2018 at 11:32 pm | Reply

    After so many years I decide to write.
    This place is desperate naive young people that go to kspace for plate of food and stupid events
    Rabbi is fake and not real Rabbi but business man, not giving attention if you don’t donate beside he makes every year nearly $300k from all jewish donations plus charge every time for his event 25 and more

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