‘The Survey Says…’

It seems like every day we hear about the results of new surveys and studies – but did you ever think about how they could impact life in the city?

Go Godiva! Why has the Godiva store at Aventura Mall been so busy lately? Maybe due to the results of a new study in the Archives of Internal Medicine that found people who frequently eat antioxidant-rich chocolate have a lower body mass index than people who don’t. So if eating chocolate an average of twice a week while exercising regularly is the new “best way to stay thin” – let’s all Go Godiva! or just feel a little less guilty about grabbing a few Snickers bars and M&M bags at the checkout line.

Have Lattes, Live Longer! Starbucks in Aventura welcome patrons of all ages – but following the release of new research in the New England Journal of Medicine suggesting coffee lovers live longer, we may start seeing much older couples meeting for dates and “stimulating” conversation!

Mr. Aventura Mom? According to the most recent Census, the number of stay-athome fathers in the U.S. has tripled in the past 10 years. So where are all the moms? Most likely at meetings of the new Aventura Chapter of the National Association of Professional Women – dedicated to enhancing women’s lives, promoting businesses and careers, and supporting a diverse range of charities and nonprofit organizations focused on women’s issues and child wellness.

Bon Appetite! Stockholm researchers have found people who undergo gastric bypass surgery risk becoming alcoholics – so now you have a good excuse to keep on indulging in decadent cuisine at all the great restaurants around Aventura!

Happy & Healthy! A new study finds loneliness could be a health risk – but not here in Aventura where socializing at familyfriendly venues like Founders Park and the Community Recreation Center is a favorite pastime – and proving social networking is at an all time high, the City of Aventura’s Facebook page now has over 661,844 “Likes!”

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