Wednesday , 10 February 2016

TOP Israeli CEO meets Boys Town Jerusalem’s student all-stars

Just one month before Israeli executive Avraham Novogrocki was appointed CEO of the multi-million dollar company “Africa- Israel Investments, Ltd.,” he met with a small group of allstars at his alma mater, Boys Town Jerusalem.

Novogrocki shared his personal experiences and intriguing pointers for success with this handpicked group, consisting of 16 exemplary BTJ high school students. “Those who excel here will excel in life,” the high-ranking executive told the young students. Novogrocki, who stands at the helm of a leading international holding and investment company, began his six years of study at Boys Town Jerusalem in 1970. Following high school, Novogrocki continued for an additional two years in Boys Town’s College of Applied Engineering. In the Israeli Air Force, he was assigned for duty in the F-15 fighter plane division. He went on to receive his BA in economics and MA in Business Administration from Bar Ilan University. After serving as the CEO of Africa Israel Industries, overseeing thousands of workers in companies in Israel and abroad, Novogrocki has now been promoted as the CEO of its giant parent company, Africa-Israel Investments, Ltd.

“Boys Town was a difficult school,” Novogrocki told the students. “We studied from 6:30 a.m. till 10 p.m., but we had tremendous motivation. Our rabbis were always there to give us guidance, even after graduation. I remember one rabbi coming to visit his students in the Air Force and urging us to work even harder to make a contribution to Israel’s security.”

Boys Town Jerusalem is one of Israel’s premier institutions for educating the country’s next generation of leaders in the fields of technology, commerce, education, the military and public service. Since its founding in 1948, BTJ has pursued its mission of turning young boys from limited backgrounds into young men with limitless futures.

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