Turn the Trauma Around

By Patricia Frank….

Patricia Frank

A trauma is a physical injury or a profound emotional shock. Trauma occurs when you are exposed to a life – threatening situation or event while you are in a state of helplessness.  It occurs when you are dependent, vulnerable and defenseless.  You become wounded and damaged in some way. It is a painful, distressing and sometimes harrowing experience.

Trauma leads to immobility. This is a basic instinct. You become incapacitated, disabled and disadvantaged on many different levels. It is a static and arrested state of functioning.  It is a passive and stagnant state of being. A trauma becomes an obstruction in your life.

Some people do not want to let go of their traumatic events because they think that they will have to forgive the other person or themselves (if they feel responsible).
In order to move forward you will have to neutralize the situation. You can do this by changing your thoughts and feelings about the trauma. Think and say to yourself or speak out loud the following phrases. Repeat these statements until you have mastered the situation and no longer feel traumatized.

“Even though it is hard to love myself when I feel so responsible I am going to try. Even though (such and such happened) I deeply and completely love accept and forgive myself.  I do this because I want to be free from this trauma. I do this because I am worthy and deserve to be free from this problem. I am ready to be free of this and to lose this part of my old identity.  I will do whatever is necessary to be free from this.  I want to be free now. It is safe for me to release it. It will benefit me and all others if I am free of this issue. I now release this trauma from every part of my being. Every part of my mind, body and spirit that was harmed by this is healing now.”

Patricia Frank is a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864, 212-308-0309.

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