Unique New Product Makes Being Lazy Desirable

ppkuFollowing one’s passion can sound a bit cliché at times, but not so for two young Sarasota-based entrepreneurs. Craig Rapihana and Chris Juall loved being lazy so much they perfected the art of it – and turned it into a brilliantly branded business that launched in March 2013. Lazy Bunz manufactures unique products to make laziness just what it’s intended to be – relaxing!

“As an avid boater I realized that sometimes a day on the water could turn into a stressful mess if you didn’t have the right tools,” explains Chris Juall. “I noticed friends, family and other boaters taking their life jackets and putting their legs through the arm holes trying to create that perfect floating upright position where one could relax with a nice cool beverage in the water. I knew there must be a better way! This was our inspiration for Lazy Bunz, the first-of-its-kind comfortable, high-quality water float that allows the user to sit in the most perfect upright position to get the maximum enjoyment on the water.”

Proudly Made in the USA, The Lazy Bunz water float was created for those who work hard and want to truly enjoy being lazy. And they want to do it right! Perfect for boaters, pool or river relaxers and anyone that wants to get lazy in the water, Lazy Bunz is a cross between those way-too-expensive full foam floats and a water noodle. The material is high quality foam and the unique design fits between the user’s legs, giving them a perfect floating water saddle in which to relax to their fullest potential.

“Lazy Bunz is the perfect float to deliver what everyone is looking for in a day outdoors – comfort, ease and relaxation,” explains Craig Rapihana.

Lazy Bunz also created the Lazy Bar, the perfect floating bar for those lazy bums that want to float with their favorite beverage or snack nearby. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t?!

Retailing between $45 and $50, Lazy Bunz will be offering substantial discounts at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show to help spread the laziness. BahamaBlue, Kiwi k2v5Green, Caribbean Coral and Ultra White are the lazy colors being offered at the show and are only available while supplies last – and they won’t last long – even the laziest among us knows an incredible deal with they see one!

Stop by booth #4145 in the Sailfish Pavilion at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show October 31st – November 4th. Media samples are available for review upon request and Craig and Chris will happy to do an interview – as long as you don’t interrupt their laziness!

To schedule a specific time to stop by the booth, contact Kelly Harris, Kelly@kdhcommunications.com, 727.744.9894. Or if you aren’t headed to the show, contact Kelly for interview requests or samples for review.

Visit LazyBunz.com for more information and check out Lazy Bunz in action here: http://vimeo.com/77163443.

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