Vi Aventura, a continuing care retirement community helps build new relationships and social connections

A new report by gerontologist Ken Dychtwald PhD, challenges the popular myth that one’s current home is the best option to continue an active social life and stay connected during retirement years.

“The reality is that remaining in your home can result in growing isolation and loneliness in later life,” said Dychtwald, bestselling author of Age Wave. “Senior living options, like a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), offer opportunities to create new friendships and social connections.”

Titled “Five Myths and Realities of Continuing Care Retirement Communities,” Age Wave’s report and research were commissioned by Vi, a developer of older adult living communities, including Vi Aventura.

The Report stated, friendships and close social connections are an essential source of happiness, and people age 60 and over are most likely to cite “living family and friends” as extremely important to their happiness – more important than money or even health.

Yet, it is not uncommon for people who stay in their current home during retirement to find that their friends and family move away, and many can feel increasingly lonely or isolated in their current home. Studies show that having low social interaction is as bad for your health as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day, is as dangerous as being an alcoholic, is as harmful as never exercising and is twice as dangerous as obesity.

Residents of CCRCs like Vi Aventura say that it is the opportunity to meet, learn from, and engage in new activities with positive, stimulating, like-minded people that can make life brighter and fuller.

One interviewee said “the no. 1 benefit is that you’re surrounded by successful, interesting people. You have a pretty good chance of finding people who may make an impact on your life.”

CCRCs like Vi Aventura offer independent living with a combination of a private residence, services, amenities and care. For more information contact Marjorie Aloni, Community Relations Manager at 305-692-4829.

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  1. I work at VI aventura and I believe that this is a very nice place to live but I also think that many residents are not happy because they don't get to see their families as much. You often hear some of them complain that their children don't come to see them and they can't go to see their children because they are not able to travel by themselves and the cost of hiring a private person to travel with them is too much. So yes some are happy but most are not very happy.

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