Wandering & Pondering Age 39

It was her 39th birthday.

“I’m going to enjoy this birthday because it’s going to be awhile before I admit to forty,” although she laughed and kidded about it, he was pretty sure she meant it.

What was about a woman and the age of 40?

Did 40 make her less attractive?

Did it change her from being young and vibrant to something else?

This didn’t happen to him till he reached 50. Now that was a trauma. But 40?

However if she wanted to be 39 for a while it was ok with him since he would be dealing with an ever-younger-wife.

“Why don’t we make this real special?”

He suggested that they suggest to their teen age daughter that she stay overnight with her best friend who lived next door and they could spent the evening alone with their fantasies.

No sooner thought and it was done!

He went out and bought that special blend of champagne, like the one they had ordered on their honeymoon.

He also said he would take care of dinner, which he did by buying two capons at the gourmet shop plus all the nice sides with it.

Sprang for two dozen roses to be delivered right when they sat down to dinner.Like a dreamcome true.

Everything worked out perfectly. A dream come true.

“Honey,” she said, “I know that this is just perfect, my age is 39 and you can be whatever age you want to be, it will take a long time for me to admit to 40.”

A month later she went to the doctor for a check up. Came back with advanced lung cancer. She remained 39…..forever.

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