Wandering & Pondering-Buddies

Pat and George were very good friends, maybe considered buddies. They had known each other a few years and became pretty close as they helped each other through a few quick romances that fell apart. They found that they could help each other recover from a few, not so hot romances.

He was a real estate investor and she ran a travel agency.

Then an interesting proposition showed up for George. A large company was looking into a piece of property in a southern island and asked George if he could check it out for them. George spoke to Pat to see if she could arrange a weekend for him to check the property out. He also suggested that maybe she come along to give her opinion of the property and they could hang around and maybe give him ideas from a third party view. In fact he knew that the property owners were looking for an outsider’s view. They both had been very busy and they agreed that this could be a chance to do some business and to unwind with a friend.They then booked a pair or rooms and flew down to the island in question. Much to their surprise the island turned out to be very nice and their stay let them enjoy the process of working together and to also relax a little. They spent the first day checking out the property and finding that they both were able to do the job of looking at the property and enjoying doing the things together. That first night they were each tired, had dinner together and went off to sleep in their respective rooms. They both were amazed at how well their minds worked with each other.

The next day they really looked into all the possibilities of the property and found that they worked very well together and spent the evening talking. When it came to the end of the evening two rooms became one because “they” happened.

And there it went… good bye to the buddy system!

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