Wandering & Pondering Her John

He sat on the park bench or wondering how it could have happened.

They had known each other for two years and he thought they were on a path to something good.

He had been away for awhile and when he had returned he called her. When he told her it was John calling, she had replied “John who?” He was a bit hurt because he had felt pretty sure that they were getting closer. The way she answered made him feel that he wasn’t attractive to her.

While he was feeling so rejected a pretty girl came by and sat next to him on the bench. Somehow she got him talking about how he felt. She looked at him and told him that he was a very attractive man and should not feel so rejected. The more she talked, the better he felt. When she mentioned that she had a John who was out of town and he could be her John if he wanted to, he perked up. She then told him that since he was so upset she would only charge him $50 instead of her usual $100 that she charged her other John and he was more impressed. He felt he needed her to feel better and he could become her “John.”

All he had to do was make sure he had the right price when he was with her, and she would never forget that he was her John.

She smiled, gave him her number to call and left. He sat on the bench feeling much better. She was cutting her price for him and had said he could be her John. She knew his name and was sure she wouldn’t forget.

Someone he had known for a few years had already for gotten his name. This girl made him feel sure she would remember him as her “John.”

He got up and ran after her knowing that she wouldn’t forget that he was her John whenever he called her.

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