Wandering -Joy

Joy is all of 26 and is wondering what more can happen. Her parents divorced when she was young; the father moved to France, her mother stayed in the States. As a result she bounced around between them and discovered a lot of territory before she got through her teens. She was very attractive and had men buzzing around her in two continents. She also was very bright which produced a college education in technology which opened all sorts of possibilities. Everything was fine and she had many directions she could take.

There was a problem that always seemed tocome up when dealing with her male friends or possibilities. She had a brain that was logical but a body that was open to exploring situations. She would explore then, after a short time, she would discard her latest exploration but rarely did the “explored” realize that the “exploring” was done. She never could figure out why the explored didn’t realize she was on to new areas and they were no longer in her view line. She finally got a job that she felt had a great future.There was also a great employer that she found pretty irresistible.

He happened to be married and European. After a month or so, he came on to Joy… both mentally and physically. As far as she was concerned she didn’t feel that this was what she wanted. The job she enjoyed and his attitude was one of being together on occasion but know that there was a separation at to when the physical would take place without interrupting the business part. Joy was up to trying all this out and somehow it seemed to work. Then the employer decided that while he could wander, he felt that she should be completley faithful to him because it made him comfortable and he admitted to some jealousy… so much so that if she didn’t agree to this, her job was in jeopardy.

Joy has some thinking to do. She really cares for Edmond (his name). She could easily get him so attached that she could get him to divorce his wife. But then he would want to marry her and at 26 and enjoying her life, would she want to deal with a lover or even a husband who ran around as much as she did.

Maybe when she hit 30 or so, but at 26?

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