Wandering & Pondering Meeting again

They ran right into each other in the office building, they stared. It had been just over 20 years since they last spoke.

They had been so involved with each other but the parents, the so-called-friends had each gotten involved in advising them that it just wouldn’t work.

Dozens of reasons why they had listened to all this advice. They’d broken up and even moved to other areas to try to forget what they had had.

Twenty years and now looking at each other realizing that the feelings were still there.

Yet they had each settled into a new life with marriage and life was a bit more complicated now. After a minute of silence he spoke, “I’ve got to say that you look just as I remembered way back. How is your family and how are you?” She smiled and answered, “I have thought of you often but life goes on, but why are you here now in this town and this building?” “I have some business to take care of but seeing you is …” he replied.

He looked at her, “So many times I wanted to call just to hear your voice, but I knew you had married and had a life of your own,” and he stopped because he was so full of …What? Still had the feelings? He couldn’t say anymore because he had no right to try to involve himself with what her family was like now.

She watched him trying what he wanted to say to her and understood his nervousness. She felt as nervous too.

They both stood there trying to get their feelings about each other out, but he/she knew they had to accept that their lives were different now and the dreams were just that, dreams.

He finally said “I wish…” but nothing could make him tell her what he wished.

She looked sadly at him and said “I know what you mean,” then went to the elevator to get to the next floor to meet her attorney who had the final papers for the divorce.

He walked a few steps to his attorney who had the final papers ready for him to sign on her will when his wife had passed away in the last month

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