Wandering & Pondering New Data

John grew up in the double standard which makes it tough to deal in today’s world.

He is in the paint business selling to jobbers who in turn sell to wholesalers. He had never had trouble making his contacts because he could always bend the elbows with them, have a few drinks, kid about women. He was a man in a men’s business, with a few drinks and remarks about women.

In a few cases he even supplied some women to make the sales easier.

Now all of a sudden… he has a big problem!

The buyer he has dealt with all these years has retired and replaced by, of all things, a woman; what’s worse is that she is the daughter of the owner and will someday replace him.

He had such a good rapport with her father. They always got together for a night with some sharp women, hit some really top spots, was always a good time where the women really came on to them (supplied of course by him). The end results would always be a great contract as the visit ended.

An account you could count on. Now a woman buyer. What do you do? Take her to male stripper places? Have a few guys hanging around? If she hits it right do you supply an overnight guest? This is a terrible situation. This new buyer might really be interested in the quality of the paint and its true price compared to the competition.

This is a real problem considering the quality of the product his firm makes. He will now have to really compete with the other companies in the business.What a lousy situation, going against some good competition.

All because of a woman buyer in a business that’s really part of a men’s world. What’s even more astounding is… What else can happen? Where are the good ole days?

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