Sue is loaded… money coming out of her ears. She earned it the hard way, sort of; her husband was hit by a truck when crossing the street.

She hit the jackpot. The guy was overloaded with money in the millions class. Her interest in the money was thousands a week.

She went through the mourning phase for awhile but her heart wasn’t in it since they had stopped liking each other a long time ago but she fronted his corporations they had.

Soon, she became the new chase in town and all the smart guys started figuring angles on how to get to her. They all forgot that she didn’t get there with shorts upstairs.

After a good look around, she spots the macho man: Duke. All the women in her club are crazy for him. Real outdoor type. There’s only one thing she isn’t happy about… is that he is 10 years younger and chases the young ones.

She makes the pitch anyway. So people talk, who cares.

They want to say she bought him?


She suggests that they play doubles in the club tournament. See how they can play as a team. It goes good real good.

They go out a for dinner and split the dab. She wants to pay for a weekend on her boat so that he won’t have to spend any money.

They go away and he turns out to be vigorous, very much so. Makes her feel young again.

If her money makes it easier for them both, then she doesn’t mind.

She has the money, he has the drive and energy. She keeps young and he stays happy.

Now they finally reach the height of all things at the club.

They won the big shuffleboard championship in doubles. They really did a job on the competition. Hey she’s 87 and he’s a youngster of 79, don’t forget they are club champs.

Now that’s living on the high note.

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