Wandering & Pondering: Valerie at 50!

Dan Palmer

Dan Palmer

Ran into Valerie after all these years, quite an experience since she has some life. First of all she looks as alive as she was in her 30s. She is also still the far right symbol of conservatism where she is against any abortion, gay rights and whatever else you can come up with. She has an 11-year-old daughter, is a widow, teaches Sunday Bible School and that’s her Sunday gig. The rest of the week she has a good job and also a super sex drive. She marvels that at her age, nothing has changed for her. She just loves to make love, as she puts it, “Show me a man, any man during the week, and I’ll show you a target for the day or the week.” I once asked her how her politics and her sex drive, exactly go together and her answer was: “I have a body that wants to make love every day and eat grapes and I have a brain that tells me to cool it, which I really can’t listen to during the week. However on Sundays, when I teach Sunday School, some of it sinks in and I concentrate on what I’m “teaching the children.”

She really is a n amazing per- son because she has no illusions as to what she is or does. She doesn’t consider herself a super brain but just a woman who likes her life with all the unusual ideas she has. She has yet to find a man or two or three to keep up with her. She is a also careful as to the friends for her daughter. Better be straight up and no looking around. She is watching the daughter but what if her genes run over into her? She can spot a kid on the make and her daughter will not be pure. That could be a problem. Maybe she might go after those young ones and wipe them out before they try her own daughter. That might keep the daughter pure and isn’t that what a mother should do?

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