Wandering & Pondering

Gloria has a problem. She has found the man of her dreams after all these years. She’s pretty near 50 but with all the tucks and face changes she has tried to look like her early 30s. However anyone with decent eyesight is very aware that she is no 30 or even early 40s. It has been a problem with the potential men she would like to be with.

All of a sudden Alan has come into her life. He is probably in his late 40s a success in his business but a bit mousey in his relationships with women. He isn’t what you would call… whatever.

Seems that he is a bit frugal when it comes to his vanity. He thinks he has great eyesight and the perfect glasses for him. The fact that he last brought glasses 20 years ago, shows how great his eyesight is, at least to him. Trouble is that what he sees out of his glasses are pretty much imagination because his eyes have gone downhill all these years; however as far as he is concerned he sees perfectly and doesn’t need new glasses. After all he spent $100, 20 years ago and was told then that these glasses were for ever and he still has that guarantee with him. Sometimes things look little fuzzy but because of his lifetime guarantee that went with the glasses he knows they are still good.

Anyway he met Gloria and through his glasses Gloria was a dream come true. Beautiful and not a blemish anywhere on her.

Gloria of course is in heaven. A man that knows her true beauty even if he has to squint a bit to truly see her. Gloria has big ideas for her and Alan and she has discussed all this with him. Alan on his part, is thrilled that someone so beautiful and brainy cares for him. He tries hard to make sure that he is the only one in her life. As for Gloria she doesn’t stay too far from him. Someone might actually try to get him to go for new glasses and as far as she is concerned she’ll break any new glasses he tries to get.

After all he thinks she is beautiful and why change his view.

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